Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Partizansk (319870) available!

Weather station in the area

Partizansk (SYNOP 319870)
Partizansk (SYNOP 319870)
Partizansk (SYNOP 319870)
Nahodka (SYNOP 319700)

Similar station names

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Weatherstation Parintins (SYNOP 822400)
Weatherstation Saransk (SYNOP 277600)
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Weatherstation Plains (METAR KS34)
Weatherstation Plains (METAR IATA_S34)
Weatherstation Paring (SYNOP 153210)
Weatherstation Paring (SYNOP 153200)
Weatherstation Parana (SYNOP 832310)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR K9V6)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR IATA_9V6)
Weatherstation Barzas (SYNOP 295480)
Weatherstation Priargunsk (SYNOP 309750)
Weatherstation Pjatigorsk (SYNOP 370500)

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