Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pescara (162300) available!

Weather station in the area

Pescara (METAR LIBP)
Pescara (SYNOP 162300)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Pescara (METAR LIBP)
Weatherstation Chanaral (METAR SCRA)
Weatherstation Arica-Chacalluta (METAR SCAR)
Weatherstation Pechora (SYNOP 234180)
Weatherstation Mascara (METAR DAOM)
Weatherstation Mascara (SYNOP 605060)
Weatherstation Peshawar (METAR OPPS)
Weatherstation Peshawar (SYNOP 415300)
Weatherstation Peshawar (SYNOP 415290)
Weatherstation Pecan (METAR KPZD)
Weatherstation Pecan (METAR IATA_PZD)
Weatherstation Parma (METAR LIMP)
Weatherstation Parma (SYNOP 161303)
Weatherstation Paraa (SYNOP 636280)
Weatherstation Rascafra (METAR ES_3104Y)
Weatherstation Pensacola (METAR KPNS)
Weatherstation Pensacola (METAR IATA_PNS)
Weatherstation Pensacola (SYNOP 722220)
Weatherstation Mec-Mazra (SYNOP 378150)
Weatherstation Pjara (METAR ES_C229J)

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