Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pilatus-Mountains (066590) available!

Weather station in the area

Alpnach (METAR LSMA)
Luzern (SYNOP 066500)
Meiringen (METAR LSMM)
Napf Mountain (SYNOP 066390)
Mettlen (SYNOP 066520)
Beromunster (SYNOP 066530)
Engelberg (SYNOP 066550)
Giswil (SYNOP 066570)
Buochs (SYNOP 066580)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Thiel-Mountains (SYNOP 890870)
Weatherstation Page-Mountain (SYNOP 723410)
Weatherstation White-Mountain (METAR PAWM)
Weatherstation White-Mountain (METAR IATA_WMO)
Weatherstation Vladeasa-Mountain (SYNOP 151190)
Weatherstation Tarcu-Mountain (SYNOP 153170)
Weatherstation Altus-Quartz-Mountain (METAR KAXS)
Weatherstation Altus-Quartz-Mountain (METAR IATA_AXS)
Weatherstation Puntzi-Mountain (METAR IATA_WPU)
Weatherstation Puntzi-Mountain (METAR CWPU)
Weatherstation Puntzi-Mountain (SYNOP 710500)
Weatherstation Praded-Mountain (SYNOP 117350)
Weatherstation Nullo-Mountains (SYNOP 947540)
Weatherstation Malanotte-Mountain (SYNOP 161150)
Weatherstation Lacaut-Mountain (SYNOP 152620)
Weatherstation Indian-Mountain (METAR PAIM)
Weatherstation Indian-Mountain (METAR IATA_UTO)
Weatherstation Indian-Mountain (SYNOP 701730)
Weatherstation Elk-Mountain (METAR KEHY)
Weatherstation Elk-Mountain (METAR IATA_EHY)

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