Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pochinok (267840) available!

Weather station in the area

Pochinok (SYNOP 267840)
Smolensk (SYNOP 267810)
Pochinok (SYNOP 267840)
Roslavl' (SYNOP 268820)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Roschino (METAR USTR)
Weatherstation Roschino (METAR IATA_TJM)
Weatherstation Cochin (METAR VOCC)
Weatherstation Sorochinsk (SYNOP 350110)
Weatherstation Roscino (SYNOP 228960)
Weatherstation Hickam-Afb (METAR PHIK)
Weatherstation Gonbad-Ghabus (METAR OINK)
Weatherstation Chinook (METAR KS71)
Weatherstation Chinook (METAR IATA_S71)
Weatherstation Achinsk (SYNOP 294670)
Weatherstation Phitsanulok (METAR VTPP)
Weatherstation Phitsanulok (METAR IATA_PHS)
Weatherstation Phitsanulok (SYNOP 483780)
Weatherstation Toguchin (SYNOP 296360)
Weatherstation Pomichna (SYNOP 337050)
Weatherstation Perechin (SYNOP 335170)
Weatherstation Yohin (METAR CXYH)
Weatherstation Yohin (SYNOP 710200)
Weatherstation Sochi (SYNOP 371710)
Weatherstation Plock (SYNOP 123600)

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