Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Prilep (135850) available!

Weather station in the area

Topolcani (SYNOP 135810)
Solunska Glava (SYNOP 135840)
Solunska Glava (SYNOP 135840)
Topolcani (SYNOP 135810)
Bitola (SYNOP 135830)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Price (METAR KPUC)
Weatherstation Price (METAR IATA_PUC)
Weatherstation Philip (METAR KPHP)
Weatherstation Philip (METAR KP05)
Weatherstation Philip (METAR IATA_PHP)
Weatherstation Philip (METAR IATA_P05)
Weatherstation Philip (SYNOP 726626)
Weatherstation Prizren (SYNOP 134770)
Weatherstation Priluki (SYNOP 333620)
Weatherstation Prieska (SYNOP 685280)
Weatherstation Paradip (SYNOP 429760)
Weatherstation St-Petersburg (METAR KPIE)
Weatherstation Rifle (METAR KRIL)
Weatherstation Rice-Lake (METAR KRIE)
Weatherstation Quincemil (METAR SPIL)
Weatherstation Puri (SYNOP 430530)
Weatherstation Port-Isabel (METAR KPIL)
Weatherstation Pori (METAR EFPO)
Weatherstation Pori (SYNOP 029520)
Weatherstation Pili (SYNOP 984420)

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