Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Prishtina (BKPR) available!

Weather station in the area

Camp Bondsteel (METAR KQUK)
Prishtina (METAR LYPR)
Prishtina (SYNOP 134810)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Prishtina (METAR LYPR)
Weatherstation Prishtina (SYNOP 134810)
Weatherstation Ristna (SYNOP 261150)
Weatherstation Prisib (SYNOP 346070)
Weatherstation Prins-Christian (METAR BGPC)
Weatherstation Prins-Christian (SYNOP 043900)
Weatherstation Pishan (SYNOP 518180)
Weatherstation Parintins (METAR SWPI)
Weatherstation Parintins (SYNOP 822400)
Weatherstation Christianhab (SYNOP 042173)
Weatherstation Paulistana (SYNOP 828820)
Weatherstation Parachinar (SYNOP 415600)
Weatherstation Prieska (SYNOP 685280)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR QFCM)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR KFKA)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR IATA_FKA)
Weatherstation Pitesti (SYNOP 153730)
Weatherstation Kirishi (SYNOP 260800)
Weatherstation Pisa (METAR LIRP)
Weatherstation Nachingwea (METAR HTNA)

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