Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Pully (067110) available!

Weather station in the area

Lausanne/Blecher (METAR LSGL)
Lausanne/Blecherete (SYNOP 067100)
Pontarlier (METAR LFSP)
La Fretaz (SYNOP 066190)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mulaly (SYNOP 367700)
Weatherstation Velikie-Luki (METAR ULOL)
Weatherstation Uljanovsk (METAR UWLL)
Weatherstation St-Petersburg (METAR ULLI)
Weatherstation Purcell (SYNOP 746510)
Weatherstation Pula (METAR LDPL)
Weatherstation Pula (SYNOP 132090)
Weatherstation Ninoy-Aquino-Int (METAR RPLL)
Weatherstation Lyon-Bron (METAR LFLY)
Weatherstation Lodz-Lublinek (METAR EPLL)
Weatherstation Leczyca-Leznica (METAR EPLY)
Weatherstation L-Viv (METAR UKLL)
Weatherstation Culman-Neriugri (METAR UELL)
Weatherstation Puntilla (SYNOP 702490)
Weatherstation Pucallpa (METAR SPCL)
Weatherstation Pucallpa (SYNOP 845150)
Weatherstation Bull-Bay (SYNOP 959750)
Weatherstation Pello (METAR EFPE)
Weatherstation Pella (METAR KPEA)
Weatherstation Pella (METAR IATA_PEA)

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