Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Qalhat (412670) available!

Weather station in the area

Sur (SYNOP 412680)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Qalat (METAR KQLT)
Weatherstation Malahat (METAR IATA_WKH)
Weatherstation Malahat (METAR CWKH)
Weatherstation Malahat (SYNOP 717740)
Weatherstation Dalhart (METAR KDHT)
Weatherstation Dalhart (METAR IATA_DHT)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OPKL)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OAKT)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 416963)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 409793)
Weatherstation Shahat (SYNOP 620560)
Weatherstation Galati (SYNOP 153100)
Weatherstation Qaarsut (SYNOP 042130)
Weatherstation Gauhati (METAR VEGT)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR KEHA)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR K1K5)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR IATA_EHA)
Weatherstation Elkhart (METAR IATA_1K5)
Weatherstation Elkhart (SYNOP 724604)
Weatherstation Elkhart (SYNOP 724600)

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