Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Reipa (011140) available!

Weather station in the area

Stott (SYNOP 011370)
Stott (SYNOP 011370)
Tennholmen (SYNOP 011380)
Stott (SYNOP 011370)
Helligvaer (SYNOP 011440)
Glomfjord (SYNOP 011130)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Warsaw-Okecie (METAR EPWA)
Weatherstation Tepa (SYNOP 978900)
Weatherstation Tegucigalpa (METAR TRPA)
Weatherstation Tacloban-Leyte-I (METAR RPVA)
Weatherstation Riga (METAR UMRR)
Weatherstation Riga (SYNOP 264220)
Weatherstation Rewa (SYNOP 425740)
Weatherstation Reisach (SYNOP 112070)
Weatherstation Redlands (METAR KREI)
Weatherstation Rebriha (SYNOP 299230)
Weatherstation Pastaza-Rio-Amaz (METAR SEPA)
Weatherstation Palma-De-Mallorc (METAR LEPA)
Weatherstation Palanga-Intl (METAR EYPA)
Weatherstation Nepa (SYNOP 300370)
Weatherstation Kirkwall-Airport (METAR EGPA)
Weatherstation Kallax-Lulea (METAR ESPA)
Weatherstation Jambi-Sultan-Tah (METAR WIPA)
Weatherstation Iasi (METAR LRIA)
Weatherstation Hafr-Al-Batin-Airport (METAR OEPA)
Weatherstation Giessen (METAR EDIA)

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