Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Rekdal (012140) available!

Weather station in the area

Lebergsfjellet (SYNOP 012290)
Ona II (SYNOP 012120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Dallas-Love (METAR KDAL)
Weatherstation Rueda (METAR ES_2507Y)
Weatherstation Revda (SYNOP 284300)
Weatherstation Remada (METAR DTTD)
Weatherstation Remada (SYNOP 607750)
Weatherstation Redesdale (SYNOP 948590)
Weatherstation Redesdale (SYNOP 032300)
Weatherstation Riversdale (SYNOP 689260)
Weatherstation Skamdal (SYNOP 011460)
Weatherstation Sedalia (METAR KDMO)
Weatherstation Sedalia (METAR IATA_DMO)
Weatherstation Predeal (SYNOP 153020)
Weatherstation Hakadal (SYNOP 014880)
Weatherstation Cekunda (SYNOP 315320)
Weatherstation Windsor-Locks (METAR KBDL)
Weatherstation West-Delta-27A (METAR KDLP)
Weatherstation Weda (SYNOP 974380)
Weatherstation Waterloo (METAR KALO)
Weatherstation Washington-Natl (METAR KDCA)
Weatherstation Wallops-Island (METAR KWAL)

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