Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Saga (478130) available!

Weather station in the area

Saga Airport (METAR RJFS)
Metabaru (METAR RJDM)
Nagasaki (METAR RJFU)
Fukuoka/Sefurisan (SYNOP 478060)
Nagasaki (SYNOP 478550)
Metabaru (SYNOP 478600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sagar (SYNOP 426710)
Weatherstation Sanaga (SYNOP 309110)
Weatherstation Villaguay (METAR SAAU)
Weatherstation Sauce-Viejo-Airp (METAR SAAV)
Weatherstation Saratoga-Shively-Field-Airport (METAR KSAA)
Weatherstation Salta-Airport (METAR SASA)
Weatherstation Rosario-Airport (METAR SAAR)
Weatherstation Rio-Gallegos-Airport (METAR SAWG)
Weatherstation Raga (METAR HSRJ)
Weatherstation Raga (SYNOP 628710)
Weatherstation Parana-Gen-Urqui (METAR SAAP)
Weatherstation Melilla-Angel-S (METAR SUAA)
Weatherstation Lago-Argentino-A (METAR SAWA)
Weatherstation Junin-Airport (METAR SAAJ)
Weatherstation Gualeguaychu-Airport (METAR SAAG)
Weatherstation Goya (METAR SATG)
Weatherstation Goroka (METAR AYGA)
Weatherstation General-Pico-Airport (METAR SAZG)
Weatherstation Gama (METAR SBGA)
Weatherstation Galena (METAR PAGA)

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