Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sakai (477420) available!

Weather station in the area

Takao Radar (SYNOP 477433)
Matsue/Misakayawa (SYNOP 477910)
Takao Radar (METAR TAKA)
Matsue (SYNOP 477410)
Miho (SYNOP 477430)
Yonago (SYNOP 477440)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Suakin (SYNOP 626520)
Weatherstation Sakata (SYNOP 475870)
Weatherstation Rakaia (SYNOP 937690)
Weatherstation Zaka (SYNOP 679790)
Weatherstation Villaguay (METAR SAAU)
Weatherstation Tinogasta (METAR SANI)
Weatherstation Three-Rivers (METAR KHAI)
Weatherstation Takao-Radar (METAR TAKA)
Weatherstation Suwalki (SYNOP 121950)
Weatherstation Srakaew (SYNOP 484400)
Weatherstation Shiraki (SYNOP 376510)
Weatherstation Shakawe (METAR FBSW)
Weatherstation Shakawe (SYNOP 680260)
Weatherstation Sauce-Viejo-Airp (METAR SAAV)
Weatherstation Sarkand (SYNOP 367860)
Weatherstation Saratoga-Shively-Field-Airport (METAR KSAA)
Weatherstation San-Martin (METAR SAMI)
Weatherstation Salta-Airport (METAR SASA)
Weatherstation Saksaulski (SYNOP 357420)
Weatherstation Saiq (METAR OOSQ)

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