Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sandomierz (125850) available!

Weather station in the area

Sandomierz (SYNOP 125850)
Sandomierz (SYNOP 125850)
Sandomierz (SYNOP 125850)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sandberg (METAR KSDB)
Weatherstation Sandberg (METAR IATA_SDB)
Weatherstation San-Tome (METAR SVST)
Weatherstation San-Tome (SYNOP 804413)
Weatherstation Santander (METAR ES_1111X)
Weatherstation Santander (SYNOP 080230)
Weatherstation Sanderson (METAR KP07)
Weatherstation Sanderson (METAR IATA_P07)
Weatherstation Sanderson (SYNOP 747300)
Weatherstation Sandra (SYNOP 898610)
Weatherstation Sandoa (METAR FZSD)
Weatherstation Sandoa (SYNOP 643030)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR KLND)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR IATA_LND)
Weatherstation Swan-River (METAR IATA_WEQ)
Weatherstation Swan-River (METAR CWEQ)
Weatherstation Swan-River (SYNOP 714430)
Weatherstation Standerton (SYNOP 683720)
Weatherstation Sand-Point (METAR PASD)
Weatherstation Sand-Point (METAR IATA_SDP)

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