Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sarmasu (151230) available!

Weather station in the area

Sarmasu (SYNOP 151230)
Dej (SYNOP 150830)
Sarmasu (SYNOP 151230)
Bistrita (SYNOP 150850)
Campia Turzii (METAR LRCT)
Turda (SYNOP 151430)
Tigu Mures/Vidra (METAR LRTM)
Tigu Mures/Vidrasa (SYNOP 151450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sarma (SYNOP 306200)
Weatherstation Villaguay (METAR SAAU)
Weatherstation Uspallata (METAR SAMU)
Weatherstation San-Carlos (METAR SAMS)
Weatherstation President-R-S-Pe (METAR SARS)
Weatherstation Monte-Caseros-Airport (METAR SARM)
Weatherstation Sarlauk (SYNOP 387670)
Weatherstation Sarapul (SYNOP 284180)
Weatherstation Saransk (SYNOP 277600)
Weatherstation Sarakhs (METAR OIMC)
Weatherstation Sarakhs (SYNOP 407410)
Weatherstation Karasuk (SYNOP 298140)
Weatherstation Sary-Tas (SYNOP 387450)
Weatherstation Sarna (SYNOP 023160)
Weatherstation Sarmi (SYNOP 975800)
Weatherstation Saram (SYNOP 306050)
Weatherstation Sarab (SYNOP 407100)
Weatherstation Samui (METAR VTSM)
Weatherstation Salas (METAR ES_1279X)
Weatherstation Sahrinau (SYNOP 388350)

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