Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Semarang (968370) available!

Weather station in the area

Semarang/Ahmadyani (SYNOP 968390)
Achmad Yani (METAR WARS)
Achmad Yani (METAR WIIS)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Serang (SYNOP 967370)
Weatherstation Selaparang (METAR WADA)
Weatherstation Kamarang (METAR SYKM)
Weatherstation Kamarang (SYNOP 810050)
Weatherstation Semnan (METAR OIIS)
Weatherstation Semnan (SYNOP 407570)
Weatherstation Semawa (SYNOP 406740)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 289000)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 279950)
Weatherstation Kerang (SYNOP 948440)
Weatherstation Semijarka (SYNOP 361520)
Weatherstation Samarkand (METAR UTSS)
Weatherstation Samarkand (METAR IATA_SMD)
Weatherstation Samarkand (SYNOP 386960)
Weatherstation Sumbawanga (METAR HTSU)
Weatherstation Sumbawanga (SYNOP 638810)
Weatherstation Smartno (SYNOP 130210)
Weatherstation Sizeman (SYNOP 315730)
Weatherstation Simpang (METAR WMKF)
Weatherstation Simpang (SYNOP 486485)

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