Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Seongsan (471880) available!

Weather station in the area

Jeju Intl. Airport (METAR RKPC)
Cheju Intl. Airport (SYNOP 471820)
Cheju (SYNOP 471840)
Sogwipo (SYNOP 471890)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sosan (SYNOP 471290)
Weatherstation Mengshan (SYNOP 590580)
Weatherstation Yongan (SYNOP 547360)
Weatherstation Wonsan (SYNOP 470550)
Weatherstation Songea (METAR HTSO)
Weatherstation Songea (SYNOP 639620)
Weatherstation Semnan (METAR OIIS)
Weatherstation Semnan (SYNOP 407570)
Weatherstation Sedona (METAR KSEZ)
Weatherstation Sedona (METAR IATA_SEZ)
Weatherstation Songiston (SYNOP 387160)
Weatherstation Shengxian (SYNOP 585560)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (METAR KSBM)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (METAR IATA_SBM)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (SYNOP 994330)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (SYNOP 726408)
Weatherstation Sepinggan (METAR WALL)
Weatherstation Wenshan (SYNOP 569940)
Weatherstation Vonegan (SYNOP 238230)
Weatherstation Shengsi (SYNOP 584720)

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