Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sete (076410) available!

Weather station in the area

Beziers/Vias (METAR LFMU)
Beziers/Vias (SYNOP 076415)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tyra-E-Helideck (METAR EKTE)
Weatherstation Tulcan-El-Rosal (METAR SETU)
Weatherstation Tiputini (METAR SETI)
Weatherstation Tete (METAR FQTE)
Weatherstation Tete (SYNOP 672610)
Weatherstation Teresina-Airport (METAR SBTE)
Weatherstation Taura (METAR SETA)
Weatherstation Stevens-Point (METAR KSTE)
Weatherstation St-Charles (METAR KSET)
Weatherstation Santa-Cruz-El-Tr (METAR SLET)
Weatherstation San-Diego-Santee (METAR KSEE)
Weatherstation San-Cristobal-Island (METAR SEST)
Weatherstation Rheine-Bentlage (METAR ETHE)
Weatherstation Puerto-Montt-Tep (METAR SCTE)
Weatherstation Manta-Eloy-Alfar (METAR SEMT)
Weatherstation Latacunga-Cotopa (METAR SELT)
Weatherstation Katterbach (METAR ETEB)
Weatherstation Heidelberg (METAR ETIE)
Weatherstation Giebelstadt (METAR ETEU)
Weatherstation Exeter-Airport (METAR EGTE)

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