Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Shaoguan (590820) available!

Weather station in the area

Shaoguan (SYNOP 590820)
Shaoguan (SYNOP 590820)
Shaoguan (SYNOP 590820)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shaoyang (SYNOP 577660)
Weatherstation Shakotan (SYNOP 474520)
Weatherstation Shaowu (SYNOP 587250)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (METAR KSBM)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (METAR IATA_SBM)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (SYNOP 994330)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (SYNOP 726408)
Weatherstation Shangxian (SYNOP 571430)
Weatherstation Shanghang (SYNOP 589180)
Weatherstation Shang-Nan (SYNOP 571560)
Weatherstation Taoyuan (SYNOP 589650)
Weatherstation Souanke (METAR FCOS)
Weatherstation Souanke (SYNOP 644600)
Weatherstation Shawinigan (METAR IATA_XSH)
Weatherstation Shawinigan (METAR CXSH)
Weatherstation Shawinigan (SYNOP 713700)
Weatherstation Sharana (METAR KQSR)
Weatherstation Shantou (SYNOP 593160)
Weatherstation Shannon (SYNOP 956170)
Weatherstation San-Luis-Airport (METAR SAOU)

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