Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Shengxian (585560) available!

Weather station in the area

Shengxian (SYNOP 585560)
Shengxian (SYNOP 585560)
Shengxian (SYNOP 585560)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Shangxian (SYNOP 571430)
Weatherstation Shengsi (SYNOP 584720)
Weatherstation Zhongxiang (SYNOP 573780)
Weatherstation Cheng-Xian (SYNOP 571060)
Weatherstation Sheridan (METAR KSHR)
Weatherstation Sheridan (METAR IATA_SHR)
Weatherstation Shenyang (SYNOP 543420)
Weatherstation Sheng-Shang (SYNOP 584730)
Weatherstation Lingxian (SYNOP 547150)
Weatherstation Fangxian (SYNOP 572590)
Weatherstation Zhongdian (SYNOP 565430)
Weatherstation Zhengding (METAR ZBSJ)
Weatherstation Zhengding (METAR IATA_SJW)
Weatherstation Shendi (METAR HSND)
Weatherstation Shendi (SYNOP 627000)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (METAR KSBM)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (METAR IATA_SBM)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (SYNOP 994330)
Weatherstation Sheboygan (SYNOP 726408)
Weatherstation Shanghang (SYNOP 589180)

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