Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Shkodra (136000) available!

Weather station in the area

Shkodra (SYNOP 136000)
Podgorica (METAR LYPG)
Titograd/Golubov (METAR LYTI)
Titograd/Golubovci (SYNOP 134620)
Podgorica/Titograd (SYNOP 134624)
Ulcinj (SYNOP 135620)
Shkodra (SYNOP 136000)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Desert-R-Mercury (METAR KDRA)
Weatherstation Soria (METAR ES_2030)
Weatherstation Soria (SYNOP 081480)
Weatherstation Shakotan (SYNOP 474520)
Weatherstation Soderhamn (METAR ESNY)
Weatherstation Soderhamn (METAR ESCL)
Weatherstation Soderhamn (SYNOP 023760)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KSOA)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KE29)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR IATA_SOA)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR IATA_E29)
Weatherstation Sokode (METAR DXSK)
Weatherstation Sokode (SYNOP 653610)
Weatherstation Sobral (SYNOP 823920)
Weatherstation Skikda (METAR DABP)
Weatherstation Skikda (SYNOP 603550)
Weatherstation Shonai (METAR RJSY)
Weatherstation Shonai (SYNOP 475874)
Weatherstation Shojna (SYNOP 222710)
Weatherstation Shiraz (METAR OISS)

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