Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Slatteroy (014060) available!

Weather station in the area

Bergen/Flesland (METAR ENBR)
Bergen/Flesland Airport (SYNOP 013110)
Austevoll (SYNOP 014180)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vaeroy (SYNOP 011390)
Weatherstation Platte (METAR K1D3)
Weatherstation Platte (METAR IATA_1D3)
Weatherstation Stillwater (METAR KSWO)
Weatherstation Stillwater (METAR IATA_SWO)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR KTBR)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR IATA_TBR)
Weatherstation Seattle-Metro (METAR KSEA)
Weatherstation Seattle-Metro (METAR IATA_SEA)
Weatherstation Cape-Flattery (SYNOP 727978)
Weatherstation Slayton (METAR KDVP)
Weatherstation Slayton (METAR K60Y)
Weatherstation Slayton (METAR IATA_DVP)
Weatherstation Slayton (METAR IATA_60Y)
Weatherstation Seattle (SYNOP 727936)
Weatherstation Satrovo (SYNOP 284560)
Weatherstation Trinidad-Jorge-H (METAR SLTR)
Weatherstation Reyes (METAR SLRY)
Weatherstation Reconquista (METAR SATR)
Weatherstation Seattle-Wfo (METAR KSEW)

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