Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sniezka-Mountain (125100) available!

Weather station in the area

Jezow Sudecki (METAR EPJS)
Pec Pod Snezkou (SYNOP 116430)
Jelenia Gora (SYNOP 125000)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Slide-Mountain (METAR KSLD)
Weatherstation Srdnijkalar-Mountain (SYNOP 304710)
Weatherstation Indian-Mountain (METAR PAIM)
Weatherstation Indian-Mountain (METAR IATA_UTO)
Weatherstation Indian-Mountain (SYNOP 701730)
Weatherstation Mena-Mountain (METAR KMEZ)
Weatherstation Mena-Mountain (METAR KM39)
Weatherstation Mena-Mountain (METAR IATA_MEZ)
Weatherstation Mena-Mountain (METAR IATA_M39)
Weatherstation Mena-Mountain (SYNOP 723435)
Weatherstation Ineu-Mountain (SYNOP 150330)
Weatherstation Hahnenkamm-Mountain (SYNOP 111350)
Weatherstation White-Mountain (METAR PAWM)
Weatherstation White-Mountain (METAR IATA_WMO)
Weatherstation Sheep-Mountain (SYNOP 702693)
Weatherstation Schoeckl-Mountain (SYNOP 112410)
Weatherstation Izana-Mountain (SYNOP 600100)
Weatherstation Thiel-Mountains (SYNOP 890870)
Weatherstation Puntzi-Mountain (METAR IATA_WPU)
Weatherstation Puntzi-Mountain (METAR CWPU)

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