Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Socoa (076000) available!

Weather station in the area

Toulouse/Francaz (METAR LFBF)
Toulouse/Blagnac (METAR LFBO)
Toulouse/Blagnac (SYNOP 076300)
Toulouse/Francazal (SYNOP 076310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cayenne-Rochambe (METAR SOCA)
Weatherstation Toccoa (METAR KTOC)
Weatherstation Toccoa (METAR IATA_TOC)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KSOA)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KE29)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR IATA_SOA)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR IATA_E29)
Weatherstation Sokcho (SYNOP 470900)
Weatherstation Tumaco-La-Florid (METAR SKCO)
Weatherstation Toconao (SYNOP 854390)
Weatherstation St-Laurent-Du-Ma (METAR SOOM)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KSOA)
Weatherstation Socorro (METAR KONM)
Weatherstation Socorro (METAR IATA_ONM)
Weatherstation Soci (SYNOP 370990)
Weatherstation Soba (METAR ES_1102D)
Weatherstation Rio-Cuarto-Airport (METAR SAOC)
Weatherstation Quellon (METAR SCON)
Weatherstation Porto-Alegre-Can (METAR SBCO)
Weatherstation Ottawa-Cda-Rcs (METAR CXOA)

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