Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sombor (131600) available!

Weather station in the area

Sombor (SYNOP 131600)
Baja (SYNOP 129600)
Sombor (SYNOP 131600)
Baja (SYNOP 129600)
Osijek (SYNOP 131570)
Osijek/Klisa (SYNOP 142840)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Hombori (METAR GAHB)
Weatherstation Hombori (SYNOP 612400)
Weatherstation Mombo (METAR HTMO)
Weatherstation Mombo (SYNOP 638180)
Weatherstation Sukomo (SYNOP 478970)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KSOA)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR KE29)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR IATA_SOA)
Weatherstation Sonora (METAR IATA_E29)
Weatherstation Sobral (SYNOP 823920)
Weatherstation Robore (METAR SLRB)
Weatherstation Robore (SYNOP 852680)
Weatherstation Aomori (SYNOP 475750)
Weatherstation Sombrerete (SYNOP 764710)
Weatherstation Scottsboro (METAR K4A6)
Weatherstation Scottsboro (METAR IATA_4A6)
Weatherstation Coimbatore (SYNOP 433190)
Weatherstation Somiedo (METAR ES_1276F)
Weatherstation Socorro (METAR KONM)
Weatherstation Socorro (METAR IATA_ONM)

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