Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Songkhla (485680) available!

Weather station in the area

Songkhla (METAR VTSH)
Hat Yai Airport (SYNOP 485690)
Kho Hong Agromet (SYNOP 485710)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Songkhla (METAR VTSH)
Weatherstation Songea (METAR HTSO)
Weatherstation Songea (SYNOP 639620)
Weatherstation Sodankyla (METAR EFSO)
Weatherstation Yongala (SYNOP 946790)
Weatherstation Tonghua (SYNOP 543630)
Weatherstation Tongulah (SYNOP 248430)
Weatherstation Tongliao (SYNOP 541350)
Weatherstation Solyanka (SYNOP 295800)
Weatherstation Savoonga (METAR PASA)
Weatherstation Savoonga (METAR IATA_SVA)
Weatherstation Monghsat (METAR VBMS)
Weatherstation Monghsat (SYNOP 480700)
Weatherstation Songo (METAR FQSG)
Weatherstation Songo (SYNOP 672503)
Weatherstation Rogla (SYNOP 130200)
Weatherstation Mokha (METAR OYMK)
Weatherstation Mokha (METAR OYMC)
Weatherstation Mokha (SYNOP 414770)
Weatherstation Mokha (SYNOP 413820)

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