Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sorve (262180) available!

Weather station in the area

Sorve (SYNOP 262180)
Vilsandi (SYNOP 262140)
Sorve (SYNOP 262180)
Vilsandi (SYNOP 262140)
Kingisepp (SYNOP 262150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Soure (SYNOP 821410)
Weatherstation Villa-Reynolds-A (METAR SAOR)
Weatherstation Sveg (SYNOP 023270)
Weatherstation Sveg (SYNOP 023240)
Weatherstation Svea (SYNOP 890180)
Weatherstation Susanville-Muni (METAR KSVE)
Weatherstation Stormville (METAR KSTM)
Weatherstation Stormville (METAR IATA_STM)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KSMQ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KSJB)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR KN52)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_SMQ)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_SJB)
Weatherstation Somerville (METAR IATA_N52)
Weatherstation Seminole (METAR KSRE)
Weatherstation Segorbe (METAR ES_8439X)
Weatherstation Save (METAR DBBS)
Weatherstation Save (SYNOP 653350)
Weatherstation Santa-Elena-Uair (METAR SVSE)
Weatherstation Rivera (METAR SURV)

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