Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Stansted-Airport (EGSS) available!

Weather station in the area

Stansted Airport (SYNOP 036830)
London City Airp (METAR EGLC)
Wethersfield (METAR EGVT)
Andrewsfield (SYNOP 036840)
Wethersfield (SYNOP 036883)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Stansted-Airport (SYNOP 036830)
Weatherstation Stanley-Airport (METAR SFAL)
Weatherstation Stanley-Airport (SYNOP 888910)
Weatherstation Sandspit-Airport (METAR IATA_YZP)
Weatherstation Sandspit-Airport (METAR CYZP)
Weatherstation Sandspit-Airport (SYNOP 711010)
Weatherstation Sahand-Airport (METAR OITM)
Weatherstation Sainte-Marie-Airport (METAR FMMS)
Weatherstation Sainte-Marie-Airport (SYNOP 670720)
Weatherstation Sado-Airport (METAR RJSD)
Weatherstation Sado-Airport (SYNOP 477000)
Weatherstation Thisted-Airport (METAR EKTS)
Weatherstation Thisted-Airport (SYNOP 060240)
Weatherstation Strahan-Airport (SYNOP 949560)
Weatherstation Stewart-Airport (METAR IATA_ZST)
Weatherstation Stewart-Airport (METAR CZST)
Weatherstation Stewart-Airport (SYNOP 719550)
Weatherstation Sletnes-Airport (SYNOP 010780)
Weatherstation Sandane-Airport (SYNOP 013200)
Weatherstation Kasteli-Airport (METAR LGTL)

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