Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Stip (135910) available!

Weather station in the area

Vinica (SYNOP 135940)
Guriste (SYNOP 135900)
Kriva Palanka (SYNOP 134930)
Vinica (SYNOP 135940)
Guriste (SYNOP 135900)
Demir Kapija (SYNOP 135920)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Usiminas-Paraiso (METAR SBIP)
Weatherstation Tiputini (METAR SETI)
Weatherstation Tipton-I80 (METAR XTIP)
Weatherstation St-Paul (METAR KSTP)
Weatherstation Rantoul (METAR KTIP)
Weatherstation Los-Cerrillos (METAR SCTI)
Weatherstation Ipiales-San-Luis (METAR SKIP)
Weatherstation Easter-Island (METAR SCIP)
Weatherstation Steiu (SYNOP 151400)
Weatherstation Sinpo (SYNOP 470460)
Weatherstation Sinop (SYNOP 170260)
Weatherstation Shipu (SYNOP 585690)
Weatherstation Setif (SYNOP 604450)
Weatherstation Sattahip (SYNOP 484770)
Weatherstation Stillpond (SYNOP 724069)
Weatherstation Svetli (SYNOP 301650)
Weatherstation Stabio (SYNOP 067710)
Weatherstation Sotchi (METAR URSS)
Weatherstation Soroti (METAR HUSO)
Weatherstation Soroti (SYNOP 636580)

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