Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Sula (012280) available!

Weather station in the area

Sula (SYNOP 012280)
Sula (SYNOP 012280)
Sula (SYNOP 012280)
Veiholmen (SYNOP 012250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sulina (SYNOP 153600)
Weatherstation Yacuiba (METAR SLYA)
Weatherstation Uberlandia (METAR SBUL)
Weatherstation Tulua-Farfan (METAR SKUL)
Weatherstation Tula (SYNOP 277190)
Weatherstation Suwa (SYNOP 476200)
Weatherstation Susa (SYNOP 378990)
Weatherstation Sura (SYNOP 226760)
Weatherstation Suja (SYNOP 274410)
Weatherstation Suhl (SYNOP 105510)
Weatherstation Stuart-Witham (METAR KSUA)
Weatherstation Sao-Gabriel-Cach (METAR SBUA)
Weatherstation Santa-Ana-De-Yac (METAR SLSA)
Weatherstation Pula (METAR LDPL)
Weatherstation Pula (SYNOP 132090)
Weatherstation Mula (METAR ES_7172X)
Weatherstation Melilla-Angel-S (METAR SUAA)
Weatherstation Lago-Agrio (METAR SELA)
Weatherstation Kotlas (METAR ULAK)
Weatherstation Colonia-Sacramen (METAR SUCA)

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