Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Svinoy (012050) available!

Weather station in the area

Svinoy Airport (SYNOP 012050)
Svinoy Airport (SYNOP 012050)
Svinoy Airport (SYNOP 012050)
Fiskaabygd (SYNOP 012070)
Krakenes (SYNOP 012030)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Sinpo (SYNOP 470460)
Weatherstation Sinop (SYNOP 170260)
Weatherstation Svijagino (SYNOP 319310)
Weatherstation Singye (SYNOP 470670)
Weatherstation Sidney (METAR KSNY)
Weatherstation Sidney (METAR KN23)
Weatherstation Sidney (METAR IATA_SNY)
Weatherstation Sidney (METAR IATA_N23)
Weatherstation Sidney (SYNOP 725630)
Weatherstation Sidney (SYNOP 725610)
Weatherstation Shinjo (SYNOP 475200)
Weatherstation Aviano (METAR LIYW)
Weatherstation Aviano (METAR LIPA)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160370)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160365)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160360)
Weatherstation Sitkino (SYNOP 294980)
Weatherstation Sibanor (SYNOP 617050)
Weatherstation Kvitoya (SYNOP 010110)
Weatherstation Villa-Cisneros (METAR GSVO)

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