Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Swainsboro (KSBO) available!

Weather station in the area

Swainsboro (METAR IATA_SBO)
Swainsboro (METAR KSBO)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Swainsboro (METAR IATA_SBO)
Weatherstation Winnsboro (METAR KFDW)
Weatherstation Winnsboro (METAR IATA_FDW)
Weatherstation Swansboro-Bogue (SYNOP 723094)
Weatherstation Bogue-Swansboro (METAR KNJM)
Weatherstation Bogue-Swansboro (METAR IATA_NJM)
Weatherstation Swanbourne (SYNOP 946140)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR KTBR)
Weatherstation Statesboro (METAR IATA_TBR)
Weatherstation Sarpsborg (SYNOP 014930)
Weatherstation Salisbury (METAR KSBY)
Weatherstation Salisbury (METAR IATA_SBY)
Weatherstation Jonesboro (METAR KJBR)
Weatherstation Jonesboro (METAR IATA_JBR)
Weatherstation Hillsboro (METAR KINJ)
Weatherstation Hillsboro (METAR IATA_INJ)
Weatherstation Hillsboro (SYNOP 745470)
Weatherstation Sasovo (SYNOP 277450)
Weatherstation Sasebo (SYNOP 478120)
Weatherstation Haboro (SYNOP 474040)

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