Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Taibei (589680) available!

Weather station in the area

Sungshan/Taipei (METAR RCSS)
Taibei (SYNOP 466920)
Sungshan/Taipei (SYNOP 466960)
Chilung (SYNOP 466940)
Ilan City (SYNOP 467080)
Ilan (SYNOP 467640)
Yilan (SYNOP 591620)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Taibei (SYNOP 466920)
Weatherstation Tie-Li (SYNOP 508620)
Weatherstation Tibati (METAR FKKT)
Weatherstation Tibati (SYNOP 648813)
Weatherstation Tambey (SYNOP 208640)
Weatherstation Tailai (SYNOP 508440)
Weatherstation Kaiber (METAR OEKB)
Weatherstation Zambezi (METAR FLZB)
Weatherstation Zambezi (SYNOP 675310)
Weatherstation Tribune (METAR KTRB)
Weatherstation Tribune (METAR IATA_TRB)
Weatherstation Tkibuli (SYNOP 373930)
Weatherstation Taubate (METAR SBTA)
Weatherstation Taubate (SYNOP 837840)
Weatherstation Sibenik (SYNOP 144380)
Weatherstation Sibenik (SYNOP 133290)
Weatherstation Vieste (METAR LIBI)
Weatherstation Tobe-Vor (METAR KTBE)
Weatherstation Tame (SYNOP 801320)
Weatherstation Tallahassee-Wfo (METAR KTAE)

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