Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Taizhong (591580) available!

Weather station in the area

Taichung Tw-Afb (METAR RCLG)
Wuchia Observato (METAR RCMQ)
Taichung (SYNOP 467490)
Taichung (SYNOP 467510)
Wuchia Observatory (SYNOP 467700)
Wu-Chi Observatory (SYNOP 467770)
Taizhong (SYNOP 591580)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tazhong (SYNOP 517470)
Weatherstation Taidong (SYNOP 595620)
Weatherstation Taidong (SYNOP 467660)
Weatherstation Bazhong (SYNOP 573130)
Weatherstation Taichung (SYNOP 467510)
Weatherstation Taichung (SYNOP 467490)
Weatherstation Suizhong (SYNOP 544540)
Weatherstation Hanzhong (SYNOP 571270)
Weatherstation Langzhong (SYNOP 573060)
Weatherstation Tsabong (METAR FBTS)
Weatherstation Tsabong (SYNOP 683280)
Weatherstation Trabzon (METAR LTCG)
Weatherstation Trabzon (SYNOP 170380)
Weatherstation Taiz (SYNOP 413900)
Weatherstation Taishan (SYNOP 588530)
Weatherstation Tacheng (SYNOP 511330)
Weatherstation Tarazona (METAR ES_9299X)
Weatherstation Tai-Shan (SYNOP 594780)
Weatherstation Tai-Shan (SYNOP 548260)
Weatherstation Taenikon (SYNOP 066790)

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