Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Talas (383450) available!

Weather station in the area

Talas (SYNOP 383450)
Talas (SYNOP 383450)
Talas (SYNOP 383450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Thala (SYNOP 607380)
Weatherstation Talar (SYNOP 081120)
Weatherstation Tabas (METAR OIMT)
Weatherstation Tabas (SYNOP 407910)
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Weatherstation Las-Vegas (METAR IATA_LAS)
Weatherstation Tannas (SYNOP 023080)
Weatherstation Taltal (SYNOP 854550)
Weatherstation Talaya (SYNOP 258080)
Weatherstation Tailai (SYNOP 508440)
Weatherstation Palmas (METAR SBPJ)
Weatherstation Palmas (SYNOP 838600)
Weatherstation Palmas (SYNOP 830650)
Weatherstation Balsas (SYNOP 827600)
Weatherstation Zonguldak (METAR LTAS)
Weatherstation Tas (METAR ES_C018J)
Weatherstation Tula (SYNOP 277190)
Weatherstation Tolstoy (METAR KTLS)
Weatherstation Tela (METAR MHTE)
Weatherstation Tela (SYNOP 787060)

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