Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Temelin (115380) available!

Weather station in the area

Hosin (SYNOP 115400)
Ceske Budejovice (SYNOP 115410)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Teslin (METAR IATA_WZW)
Weatherstation Teslin (METAR CWZW)
Weatherstation Teslin (SYNOP 710455)
Weatherstation Teli (SYNOP 360780)
Weatherstation Termoli (METAR LIBT)
Weatherstation Termoli (SYNOP 162320)
Weatherstation Wheeling (METAR KHLG)
Weatherstation Wheeling (METAR IATA_HLG)
Weatherstation Terezina (SYNOP 825780)
Weatherstation Torremolinos (METAR ES_6088X)
Weatherstation Terschelling (SYNOP 062500)
Weatherstation Vermilion (METAR CXVM)
Weatherstation Tumnin (SYNOP 316830)
Weatherstation Teruel (METAR LETL)
Weatherstation Teruel (METAR ES_8368U)
Weatherstation Teruel (SYNOP 082350)
Weatherstation Termez (METAR UTST)
Weatherstation Termez (METAR IATA_TMJ)
Weatherstation Termez (SYNOP 389270)
Weatherstation Tedzen (SYNOP 388860)

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