Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Texarkana (KTXK) available!

Weather station in the area

Texarkana (METAR IATA_TXK)
Texarkana Rgnl/Webb (SYNOP 723418)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Texarkana (METAR IATA_TXK)
Weatherstation Tarazona (METAR ES_9299X)
Weatherstation Tirana (METAR LATI)
Weatherstation Tirana (SYNOP 136150)
Weatherstation Teknaf (SYNOP 419980)
Weatherstation Tarragona (METAR ES_0042Y)
Weatherstation Tarragona (SYNOP 081760)
Weatherstation Takada (SYNOP 476120)
Weatherstation Parana (SYNOP 832310)
Weatherstation Texarkana-Rgnl-Webb (SYNOP 723418)
Weatherstation Tekamah (METAR KTQE)
Weatherstation Tekamah (METAR IATA_TQE)
Weatherstation Tekamah (SYNOP 725527)
Weatherstation Tarfaya (SYNOP 602890)
Weatherstation Tabarka (METAR DTKA)
Weatherstation Tabarka (SYNOP 607100)
Weatherstation Sharana (METAR KQSR)
Weatherstation Sarkand (SYNOP 367860)
Weatherstation Makanga (SYNOP 677970)
Weatherstation Fergana (METAR UTKF)

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