Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Tinker (723540) available!

Weather station in the area

Tinker Afb (METAR KTIK)
Oklahoma City (METAR IATA_OKC)
Norman/Westheime (METAR IATA_OUN)
Okla City/Wiley (METAR IATA_PWA)
Twin Lakes/88D (METAR IATA_TLX)
Oklahoma City (METAR KOKC)
Norman/Westheime (METAR KOUN)
Okla City/Wiley (METAR KPWA)
Twin Lakes/88D (METAR KTLX)
Norman/Spc (METAR KWNS)
Oklahoma City (SYNOP 723530)
Ok City (SYNOP 723534)
Oklahoma City/Wiley (SYNOP 723544)
Norman/Westheimer (SYNOP 723570)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Tinker-Afb (METAR KTIK)
Weatherstation Tinker-Afb (METAR IATA_TIK)
Weatherstation Tineo (METAR ES_1272B)
Weatherstation Kiker (SYNOP 306670)
Weatherstation Zinder (METAR DRZR)
Weatherstation Zinder (SYNOP 610900)
Weatherstation Winner (METAR KSFD)
Weatherstation Winner (METAR KICR)
Weatherstation Winner (METAR IATA_SFD)
Weatherstation Winner (METAR IATA_ICR)
Weatherstation Tinzen (SYNOP 067870)
Weatherstation Tingri (SYNOP 556640)
Weatherstation Steinkjer (SYNOP 012770)
Weatherstation Kanker (SYNOP 429530)
Weatherstation Finike (SYNOP 173750)
Weatherstation Turinsk (SYNOP 282550)
Weatherstation Tuineje (METAR ES_C239N)
Weatherstation Tribune (METAR KTRB)
Weatherstation Tribune (METAR IATA_TRB)
Weatherstation Tianeti (SYNOP 374390)

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