Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Turinsk (282550) available!

Weather station in the area

Turinsk (SYNOP 282550)
Turinsk (SYNOP 282550)
Turinsk (SYNOP 282550)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Turuhansk (SYNOP 234720)
Weatherstation Micurinsk (SYNOP 279350)
Weatherstation Kurilsk (SYNOP 321740)
Weatherstation Horinsk (METAR UIUH)
Weatherstation Horinsk (SYNOP 307390)
Weatherstation Tjukalinsk (SYNOP 285860)
Weatherstation Turs (METAR ES_8337X)
Weatherstation Turij (SYNOP 319130)
Weatherstation Turan (SYNOP 360920)
Weatherstation Tupik (SYNOP 305760)
Weatherstation Tunka (SYNOP 308110)
Weatherstation Surin (METAR VTUJ)
Weatherstation Surin (SYNOP 484320)
Weatherstation Scucinsk (SYNOP 289840)
Weatherstation Sadrinsk (SYNOP 285520)
Weatherstation Pinsk (SYNOP 330190)
Weatherstation Nercinsk (SYNOP 307680)
Weatherstation Murmansk (METAR ULMM)
Weatherstation Murmansk (SYNOP 221130)
Weatherstation Minsk (METAR UMMS)

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