Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Umea-Airport (022860) available!

Weather station in the area

Umea Airport (METAR ESNU)
Umea Airport (SYNOP 022860)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Umea-Airport (METAR ESNU)
Weatherstation Umtata-Airport (SYNOP 686680)
Weatherstation Rena-Airport (SYNOP 013890)
Weatherstation Samedan-Airport (SYNOP 067920)
Weatherstation Emerald-Airport (METAR YEML)
Weatherstation Emerald-Airport (SYNOP 943630)
Weatherstation Almeria-Airport (METAR LEAM)
Weatherstation Almeria-Airport (SYNOP 084870)
Weatherstation Ulsan-Airport (SYNOP 471510)
Weatherstation Simra-Airport (METAR VNSI)
Weatherstation Simra-Airport (SYNOP 444490)
Weatherstation Amapa-Airport (METAR SBAM)
Weatherstation Amapa-Airport (SYNOP 820300)
Weatherstation Amami-Airport (METAR RJKA)
Weatherstation Amami-Airport (SYNOP 478720)
Weatherstation Kumejima-Airport (SYNOP 479280)
Weatherstation Utsira-Airport (SYNOP 014030)
Weatherstation Toyama-Airport (METAR RJNT)
Weatherstation Toyama-Airport (SYNOP 477070)
Weatherstation Temora-Airport (SYNOP 957220)

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