Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vinh (488450) available!

Weather station in the area

Ha Tinh (SYNOP 488460)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vinh (METAR VVVH)
Weatherstation Vichy-Rolla (METAR KVIH)
Weatherstation Varanasi-Babatpu (METAR VIBN)
Weatherstation Jhansi (METAR VIJN)
Weatherstation Hissar (METAR VIHR)
Weatherstation Aligarh (METAR VIAH)
Weatherstation Vidin (SYNOP 155020)
Weatherstation Varginha (METAR SBVG)
Weatherstation Minhe (SYNOP 528760)
Weatherstation Linhe (SYNOP 535130)
Weatherstation Vinh-Long (SYNOP 489100)
Weatherstation Vivian (METAR KVIV)
Weatherstation Vivian (METAR IATA_VIV)
Weatherstation Virgen (SYNOP 112520)
Weatherstation Vinton (METAR KVTI)
Weatherstation Vinton (METAR IATA_VTI)
Weatherstation Vinica (SYNOP 135940)
Weatherstation Viahtu (SYNOP 320450)
Weatherstation Verino (SYNOP 317900)
Weatherstation Velizh (SYNOP 265780)

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