Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Vitoria (LEVT) available!

Weather station in the area

Vitoria (SYNOP 080800)
Vitoria-Gasteiz (SYNOP ES_9091R)
Abadio (SYNOP ES_1069Y)
Amurrio (SYNOP ES_1060X)
Aramaio (SYNOP ES_1044X)
Haro (SYNOP ES_9121X)
Labastida (Bastida) (SYNOP ES_9122I)
Leza (SYNOP ES_9145X)
Miranda de Ebro (SYNOP ES_9069C)
Orozko (SYNOP ES_1064L)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vitoria (SYNOP 836480)
Weatherstation Vitoria (SYNOP 080800)
Weatherstation Victoria (METAR KVCT)
Weatherstation Victoria (METAR IATA_WLM)
Weatherstation Victoria (METAR IATA_VCT)
Weatherstation Victoria (METAR CWLM)
Weatherstation Victoria (SYNOP 722550)
Weatherstation Victoria (SYNOP 712000)
Weatherstation Victorica (SYNOP 876160)
Weatherstation Victor (METAR KVIC)
Weatherstation Victor (METAR IATA_VIC)
Weatherstation Astoria (METAR KAST)
Weatherstation Astoria (METAR IATA_AST)
Weatherstation Victoria-West (METAR FAVW)
Weatherstation Victoria-West (SYNOP 686303)
Weatherstation Victoria-Univ (METAR IATA_WYJ)
Weatherstation Victoria-Univ (SYNOP 717830)
Weatherstation Vitim (SYNOP 300540)
Weatherstation Virginia (SYNOP 946710)
Weatherstation Victorville (METAR KVCV)

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