Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vogel (140060) available!

Weather station in the area

Vogel (SYNOP 130060)
Bovec (SYNOP 130050)
Kredarica (SYNOP 130080)
Vojsko (SYNOP 130090)
Nova Gorica (SYNOP 131060)
Bovec (SYNOP 140050)
Ratece (SYNOP 140070)
Vojsko (SYNOP 140090)
Kredarica (SYNOP 140080)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vogel (SYNOP 130060)
Weatherstation Vernal (METAR KVEL)
Weatherstation Vel' (SYNOP 239820)
Weatherstation Shirak (METAR UGEL)
Weatherstation Raxaul (METAR VERL)
Weatherstation Oakley (METAR KOEL)
Weatherstation North-Lakhimpur- (METAR VELR)
Weatherstation Melilla (METAR GEML)
Weatherstation Mangalore-Bajpe (METAR VOML)
Weatherstation Hanoi-Gialam (METAR VVGL)
Weatherstation Hail (METAR OEHL)
Weatherstation Gulistan (METAR OAGL)
Weatherstation Geraldton (METAR YGEL)
Weatherstation Elefsis (METAR LGEL)
Weatherstation Chittagong (METAR VGEG)
Weatherstation Calicut (METAR VOCL)
Weatherstation Bengaluru (METAR VOBL)
Weatherstation Bangalore-Airport (METAR VOBG)
Weatherstation Valognes (SYNOP 070390)
Weatherstation Volos (METAR LGVO)

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