Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vojsko (140090) available!

Weather station in the area

Vogel (SYNOP 130060)
Vojsko (SYNOP 130090)
Postojna (SYNOP 131120)
Vogel (SYNOP 140060)
Postojna (SYNOP 141120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vojsko (SYNOP 130090)
Weatherstation Vostok (SYNOP 896060)
Weatherstation Verhojansk (SYNOP 242660)
Weatherstation Mozajsk (SYNOP 275090)
Weatherstation Moskovo (SYNOP 296320)
Weatherstation Yoko (METAR FKAY)
Weatherstation Yoko (SYNOP 649000)
Weatherstation Volk-Camp-Dougla (METAR KVOK)
Weatherstation Tumaco-La-Florid (METAR SKCO)
Weatherstation Toko (SYNOP 311370)
Weatherstation Surkhet (METAR VNSK)
Weatherstation Sukkur (METAR OPSK)
Weatherstation Savannakhet (METAR VLSK)
Weatherstation Rajiv-Gandhi-Inl (METAR VOHS)
Weatherstation Pattani (METAR VTSK)
Weatherstation Otu (METAR SKOT)
Weatherstation Ominato (METAR RJSO)
Weatherstation Minab (METAR OIKO)
Weatherstation Latakia (METAR OSLK)
Weatherstation Kota-Aerodrome (METAR VIKO)

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