Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vranje (134890) available!

Weather station in the area

Skopje (SYNOP 134910)
Kosovska (METAR KQLC)
Leskovac (SYNOP 133890)
Skopje (SYNOP 134910)
Kosovska (METAR KQLC)
Kriva Palanka (SYNOP 134930)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Varandej (SYNOP 231120)
Weatherstation Aranjuez (METAR ES_3100B)
Weatherstation Zaranj (SYNOP 409860)
Weatherstation Vannes (SYNOP 072100)
Weatherstation Vandel (METAR EKVA)
Weatherstation Vandel (SYNOP 061000)
Weatherstation Van (METAR LTCI)
Weatherstation Van (SYNOP 171700)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORG)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORE)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KOMH)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORG)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORE)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_OMH)
Weatherstation Orange (SYNOP 725085)
Weatherstation Virtaniemi (SYNOP 221010)
Weatherstation Voronez (METAR UUOO)
Weatherstation Voronez (SYNOP 341230)
Weatherstation Voronez (SYNOP 341220)
Weatherstation Verhnij (SYNOP 345790)

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