Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Vrsac (LYVR) available!

Weather station in the area

Vrsac (SYNOP 131830)
Banloc (SYNOP 152890)
Oravita (SYNOP 153380)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vrsac (SYNOP 131830)
Weatherstation Yamagata (METAR RJSC)
Weatherstation Villa-Maria-Del (METAR SACV)
Weatherstation Sv-Ri-San (METAR RKSC)
Weatherstation Sola-Vanua-Lava (METAR NVSC)
Weatherstation Satun (METAR VTSA)
Weatherstation San-Antonio-Tach (METAR SVSA)
Weatherstation Sal-Isl-Amilcar (METAR GVAC)
Weatherstation Sacramento (METAR KSAC)
Weatherstation Sacramento-Rfc (METAR KRSA)
Weatherstation Rio-Cuarto-Airport (METAR SAOC)
Weatherstation Riga-Airport (METAR EVRA)
Weatherstation Ranchi (METAR VERC)
Weatherstation Racine (METAR KRAC)
Weatherstation Pilar-Observator (METAR SACI)
Weatherstation Orsa (SYNOP 267630)
Weatherstation Narathiwat (METAR VTSC)
Weatherstation Monte-Quemado (METAR SACQ)
Weatherstation La-Cumbre (METAR SACC)
Weatherstation Gobernador-Gordi (METAR SACT)

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