Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Vyborg (228920) available!

Weather station in the area

Lesogorskiy (SYNOP 228910)
Lappeenranta Konnuns (SYNOP 027330)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Vryburg (METAR FAVB)
Weatherstation Vryburg (SYNOP 683380)
Weatherstation Vesborg (SYNOP 061310)
Weatherstation Alborg (METAR EKYT)
Weatherstation Alborg (SYNOP 060300)
Weatherstation Cobourg (METAR CWNC)
Weatherstation Cobourg (SYNOP 714310)
Weatherstation Voru (SYNOP 262490)
Weatherstation Vellore (METAR VOVR)
Weatherstation Vandenberg-Afb (METAR KVBG)
Weatherstation Trat-Khao-Saming (METAR VTBO)
Weatherstation Tiruchchirapalli (METAR VOTR)
Weatherstation Rockhampton-Airp (METAR YBRK)
Weatherstation Rio-Grande (METAR SBRG)
Weatherstation Raufarhofn (METAR BIRG)
Weatherstation Rangoon-Mingalad (METAR VBRR)
Weatherstation Prome-Pye (METAR VBPR)
Weatherstation Paraburdoo-Airport (METAR YPBO)
Weatherstation Orapa (METAR FBOR)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR KORG)

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