Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Waren (102680) available!

Weather station in the area

Teterow (SYNOP 101770)
Laage (SYNOP 101720)
Teterow (SYNOP 101770)
Basepohl (SYNOP 102730)
Wittstock (METAR ETGW)
Wittstock (SYNOP 102720)
Neuglobsow (SYNOP 102770)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Walden (METAR K33V)
Weatherstation Wahlen (SYNOP 105350)
Weatherstation Wadena (METAR K17W)
Weatherstation Wadena (METAR IATA_17W)
Weatherstation Varena (SYNOP 267370)
Weatherstation Parent (METAR IATA_WPK)
Weatherstation Parent (METAR CWPK)
Weatherstation Parent (SYNOP 717260)
Weatherstation Carmen (METAR KCRM)
Weatherstation Carmen (METAR IATA_CRM)
Weatherstation Warrenton (METAR KHWY)
Weatherstation Warrenton (METAR IATA_HWY)
Weatherstation Wiarton (SYNOP 716333)
Weatherstation Whistler (METAR CWAE)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR KARM)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR K5R5)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR IATA_ARM)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR IATA_5R5)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR EGNO)
Weatherstation Waterstein (SYNOP 030270)

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