Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Warth (113080) available!

Weather station in the area

Galzig Mountain (SYNOP 111100)
Kempten (METAR EDMK)
St Anton Am Arlberg (SYNOP 111090)
Ischgl/Idalde (SYNOP 113100)
Oberstdorf (SYNOP 109480)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Waratah (SYNOP 959500)
Weatherstation Barth (SYNOP 101800)
Weatherstation Baruth (SYNOP 103760)
Weatherstation Warkworth (SYNOP 930890)
Weatherstation Wiarton (SYNOP 716333)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR KARM)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR K5R5)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR IATA_ARM)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR IATA_5R5)
Weatherstation Wharton (METAR EGNO)
Weatherstation Watertown (METAR KART)
Weatherstation Waterloo-Us20 (METAR XWAT)
Weatherstation Tetsa-River (METAR CWTH)
Weatherstation Ternate-Babullah (METAR WAMT)
Weatherstation Tanahgrogot (METAR WRLH)
Weatherstation Tanah-Merah (METAR WAKT)
Weatherstation Tahuna-Naha (METAR WAMH)
Weatherstation Singapore-Tengah (METAR WSAT)
Weatherstation Sarh (METAR FTTA)
Weatherstation Sarh (SYNOP 647500)

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