Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Westdorpe (063190) available!

Weather station in the area

Vlissingen (METAR EHFS)
Vlissingen (SYNOP 063100)
Wilhelminadorp (SYNOP 063230)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Ravensthorpe (SYNOP 946360)
Weatherstation West-Dover (METAR KWDO)
Weatherstation West-Dover (METAR IATA_WDO)
Weatherstation West-Burke (METAR KVT2)
Weatherstation West-Burke (METAR IATA_VT2)
Weatherstation Oberstdorf (SYNOP 109480)
Weatherstation Klerksdorp (METAR FAKD)
Weatherstation Bredasdorp (METAR FABR)
Weatherstation Bredasdorp (SYNOP 689203)
Weatherstation Webster (METAR K1D7)
Weatherstation Webster (METAR IATA_1D7)
Weatherstation Jessore (METAR VGJR)
Weatherstation Jessore (SYNOP 419360)
Weatherstation Vidsel (METAR ESPE)
Weatherstation Schwerin-Parchim (METAR EDOP)
Weatherstation Orebro (METAR ESOE)
Weatherstation Coleman (METAR ETOR)
Weatherstation West-Hinder (SYNOP 064040)
Weatherstation West-Freugh (METAR EGOY)
Weatherstation West-Freugh (SYNOP 031320)

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