Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Wittenberg (104740) available!

Weather station in the area

Wittenberg (SYNOP 104740)
Dessau-Mildensee (SYNOP 100949)
Wiesenburg (SYNOP 103680)
Wittenberg (SYNOP 104740)
Leipzig/Schkeudi (METAR EDDP)
Leipzig (SYNOP 104710)
Leipzig/Halle (SYNOP 104690)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wittering (METAR EGXT)
Weatherstation Wittering (SYNOP 034620)
Weatherstation Wittering (SYNOP 034610)
Weatherstation Wiesenburg (SYNOP 103680)
Weatherstation Marienberg (SYNOP 105790)
Weatherstation Lindenberg (SYNOP 103930)
Weatherstation Whittier (METAR PAWR)
Weatherstation Whittier (METAR IATA_IEM)
Weatherstation Whittier (SYNOP 702757)
Weatherstation Weissenburg (SYNOP 107610)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (METAR FALT)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (METAR FALI)
Weatherstation Lichtenburg (SYNOP 683304)
Weatherstation Fichtelberg (SYNOP 105780)
Weatherstation Plettenberg-Bay (METAR FAPG)
Weatherstation Giessen-Wettenberg (SYNOP 105320)
Weatherstation Wittenoom (SYNOP 943130)
Weatherstation Rotenburg (METAR ETGQ)
Weatherstation Rotenburg (SYNOP 102340)
Weatherstation Pittsburg (METAR KPTS)

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